Lead can be Dangerous. Leave It to the Lead Professionals

Lead has long been recognized as a harmful environmental pollutant. In fact, it may be the biggest environmental threat to children’s health in the United States. But removing lead improperly can actually increase the risk of exposure, which is why the job should always be done by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified contractors, like our team here at Northwest Abatement. Call us today for a free quote on lead removal services.

Our Approach to Lead Removal in Washington state

We employ certified lead renovators who are authorized by the State of Washington and the EPA to safely remove lead-based paint and other materials. After you call us, we’ll start with a thorough review of your building to determine the extent of the problem, then provide you a detailed, competitive estimate of what it will take to solve that problem – quickly, safely, and completely.

Trust the pros to remove lead.

Lead-based paint is the most significant source of lead exposure in the United States, and it’s a job that’s best done by professionals who are trained to do it right. When lead-based paint is improperly removed from surfaces by dry scraping, sanding, or open flame burning, the lead particles become airborne and spread throughout the entire area. This increases the risk of exposure through the lungs.

Lead is a deadly serious problem.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers lead to be a serious health risk, especially to children and pregnant women. Exposure to lead can affect practically every system in the human body. At lower levels, lead can adversely affect the brain, central nervous system, blood cells, and kidneys. At high levels, it can cause convulsions, coma, and death.

Want to know more? Check out Occupational Safety and Health Administration's overview on Lead

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