AHERA Surveys: Seattle Metro Area and Beyond

Many homes, commercial buildings, and schools in the United States were built during a time when asbestos was a commonly used building material. As a result, asbestos can be found throughout many structures in our country; exposing employees, managers, children, and families to significant health risks.

Fortunately, the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986 (AHERA) outlined the protocols and procedures necessary to help property owners safely handle hazardous asbestos. If asbestos-containing materials pose a danger they must be removed in accordance with federal and state laws.

Prior to renovations or demolitions, property owners are required to conduct an asbestos survey, typically referred to as an Asbestos Good Faith Survey. These surveys must be conducted by an AHERA-certified building inspector prior to having any work performed.

Northwest Abatement Services employs AHERA-certified personnel who have been performing AHERA surveys for homes, commercial businesses and schools in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. We can provide the documentation and information needed to keep your project safe, compliant, and on schedule. 

A certified AHERA Building Inspector can come out to your building to take samples and have them sent to be evaluated by a qualified asbestos testing laboratory. If ACMs are found the proper, legal steps need to be taken by certified abatement companies like ours to safely remove all traces of asbestos from your facility. Northwest Abatement Services works with qualified labs throughout the country to provide a detailed analysis of the asbestos found in your structure.

The steps you take prior to demolition or renovation could have a significant impact on the health of building occupants. At Northwest Abatement Services, we offer comprehensive asbestos testing, analysis, and abatement. If you are considering demolition or remodeling your property, your next step should be to call Northwest Abatement Services.

We conduct surveys from Bellingham WA to Chehalis WA. For more information on AHERA Surveys, please contact our offices for more information.


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